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FIRST THINGS FIRST!   Ariel and her friends won the 2007 Lovey Award  for the story of their first adventure. In addition, they were nominated for the Agatha Award as the Best First Mystery. OUR STARTING POINT: The introductions. Here you'll find out a bit about each of the Novels. THEN ON TO: Longer excerpts. At the bottom of each introduction, you will find a button that will link you to 4-page excerpts from each novel. These will help you get the feel of the story. AND: The Killer Cookbooks, previously published separately, are now included at the end of each novel! Come over to our Kitchen to see the Table of Contents and some sample recipes. NEXT UP: Meet the characters. We have created a few pages to introduce you to everyone in our books, both the main characters and the ones who are specific to the individual novels. Read our reviews, press clippings, and comments. These will let you know what others think of us. FINALLY: Place an order at your local bookstore, or visit our store to order your own copy from Amazon. then email us to see about getting an autographed nameplate!
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