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© 2012 Honora Finkelstein & Susan Smily
Ariel Quigley Mysteries
Learn a bit more about writers Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily, authors of the Ariel Quigley Mystery Novels.
Honora Finkelstein has been a U. S. Navy intelligence  officer, college professor, professional technical writer,  small-press publisher, prize-winning newspaper editor,  television producer, workshop leader across the U.S., in  Canada, and in Europe, and talk show host (otherwise  known as an “agent provocateur”). She has published  over 140 articles in magazines and newspapers. As a  part-time editor with EEI Communications in Alexandria,  Virginia, she has worked for such companies as the  Public Policy Institute, the National Institutes of Health,  the Cook County Law Enforcement Agency, the World  Bank, and the American Institute of Architects. She was a  workshop leader for the International Women's Writing  Guild for 14 years. She has also been a contributing  editor and columnist for Pathways Magazine in  Washington, D.C. for 24 years. She has a Ph.D. in  English from the University of Houston and has taught at  several universities in the South, Southwest, and  Midwest.       Her interest in ghosts and metaphysical subjects goes  back to childhood when she had her first out-of-body  experience at the age of 5 while learning to tie her shoes.  In the 1990s she produced and hosted a talk show called  Kaleidoscope for Tomorrow on community cable  television in Fairfax, Virginia on metaphysical and futurist  topics. She has interviewed such notable writers and  thinkers as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (On Death and Dying),   P. M. H. Atwater (Beyond the Light, Future Memory, and  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences),  and the late Laurie Monroe of the Monroe Institute in  Faber, Virginia. She is a Reiki teacher-master, a certified  Free Soul instructor, and a Hemi-Sync® Outreach trainer  for the Monroe Institute.  In the summer of 2004 she presented a lecture at the  2nd International Conference on the Future of the  Humanities in Prato, Italy, entitled “A New Model for  Expansion of Individual Consciousness: Ego Death in  Literature, Religion, and the Phenomenon of Near-Death  Experiences.” With her mystery-writing co-author Susan Smily, she  was a winner of the “Love Is Murder” Readers’ Choice  Award (the Lovey) for Best First Novel and was  nominated for an Agatha award that same year. She is  co-founder of El Amarna Publishing and has co-written  three novels in their Ariel Quigley cozy mystery series, as  well as the new thriller Walk-In from Oak Tree Press.  Readers may contact her at honora@sunweaver.com. 
During her 25 years in the classroom, Susan Smily  was an author, publisher, and workshop leader in  elementary science education in Canada, Australia, and  the United States. She created her own business for the  development and production of a wide range of  elementary education materials, and worked as a writer,  editor, and consultant with several educational  programs. She has made presentations at over 40  school and district professional development days. She  has served as the president of the British Columbia  Science Teachers Association, as well as of the  Canadian Association of Science Educators. At one time  was the Boreal Science Catalogue Teacher of the Year  and cover girl, which means she had coffee stains on  her face in every high school in Canada.  She was a workshop leader for the International  Women’s Writing Guild for seven years. She is also the  author of “Pianissimo,” a one-act play that was  presented off Broadway in the 1998 Festival of  Collective Voices at the Harold Clurman Theatre in New  York City. She has traveled extensively in North America,  Europe, Australia, and the Far East. She developed an  interest in metaphysical studies in the early 1990s and  has since become involved in studying many different  areas of spirituality, including Native American, Vedanta,  and Kabbalah. She is a Reiki teacher-master, a certified  Free Soul instructor, and a Hemi-Sync® Outreach trainer  for the Monroe Institute.  In the summer of 2004, she presented a lecture at  the 2nd International Conference on the Future of the  Humanities in Prato, Italy, entitled “Making Sense of the  World Through Allegory, Analogy, and Conceptual  Categories: Dealing with the Information Era at Any  Age.” With her mystery-writing co-author Honora  Finkelstein, she was a winner of the “Love Is Murder”  Readers’ Choice Award (the Lovey) for Best First Novel  and was nominated for an Agatha Award that same year.  With Honora, she is co-founder of El Amarna Publishing   and has co-written three novels in their Ariel Quigley   cozy mystery series, as well as the new thriller Walk-In   from Oak Tree Press. Readers may contact her at  susan@sunweaver.com. 
Artwork by Elizabeth Smily

The Authors

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