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Connie Cordoba – Reporter Senator Reed Molden, his wife, Holly, and his son and daughter, Todd and Tess Larry Jason – Senator Molden’s assistant Sandy Sechrest – A member of a Wicca group Ginger Wellington – A member of a Wicca group Ahmad Kamara and Haroun Neare – Young government dignitaries from Sierra Leone Keith Johnson – a reporter/producer Dr. John Greif and Dr. Frank Edge – Dentists: living and dead Dave Williston – D.C. policeman Rhett Hutto – A friend of Greg Mason Dallas Seaford – Rhett’s girlfriend Fred and Margi Tanner –  Alexandria police officer snd his wife Miss Loretta – a Gullah conjure woman (These notes were written by Ariel Quigley.)

Connie Cordoba

Connie Cordoba is a world-be reporter who’ll do anything—or anybody—for a story.  (Top) 

Senator Reed Molden, his wife, Holly,

and his son and daughter, Todd and Tess

Reed Molden is the U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who has become a little drunk on the power he wields from  being in politics in Washington, D.C. His wife, Holly, who would prefer to go back to Wisconsin, believes Reed is  being unfaithful and called upon me to get some insight into her dreams about him. Tess, who attends George  Mason University where I teach, is a friend of Michelle Wise, Bernice’s daughter, while Todd is involved in various  movements to help make a difference to the planet and its people. However, Tess practices Wicca, and Todd is gay,  so neither of them is currently pleasing their image-conscious father.  (Top) 

Larry Jason

Larry Jason is Senator Molden’s right-hand assistant, public relations guru, and campaign manager, who was  largely responsible for getting the senator elected. He flirted with me from the very first moment I met him, but I  found myself uncomfortable around him at that time.  (Top) 

Sandy Sechrest

Sandy Sechrest is Tess Molden’s best friend and another practicing Wiccan, who is also one of my best students  at George Mason University. (Top)  

Ginger Wellington

Ginger Wellington is a gorgeous young woman, clearly attractive to both Senator Molden and Larry Jason, who  has a dangerous secret. She is also a student and a member of the Wicca group that Tess and Sandy belong to.  (Top)

Ahmad Kamara and Haroun Neare

Ahmad Kamara and Haroun Neare are young government dignitaries from Sierra Leone, whom Todd Molden has  befriended and is trying to help while they are in the U.S. pleading for assistance for their countrymen and women.  All three are members of a group called the Comus Club, which Todd has organized as a way for young men from  other countries to socialize and find friends while visiting this country. In Ahmad, I found a friend who had also  experienced ghosts in his own culture.  (Top) 

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson was a reporter/producer at Channel 10 in Fairfax, Virginia, who died after creating only three  shows. My nephew Max, who sees and talks to ghosts even more efficiently than I do, had occasion to meet Keith  while visiting the TV station, where Keith somehow got locked into a repetitious activity. Max and I helped Keith  extricate himself, and I promised to assist in getting his shows aired—which led to unexpected consequences for  me.  (Top)

Dr. John Greif and Dr. Frank Edge

Dr. John Greif was a dentist I met on a show at Channel 10 who believed he had a ghost haunting his dental  practice. It turned out to be the dentist, Dr. Frank Edge, whose practice Greif had bought after Edge had died.  (Top) 

Dave Williston

Dave Williston was the officer in charge of Keith Johnson’s case in D.C. whom I connected with when I got in  touch with the police there about Keith’s death. Williston had occasion to assist me with other information later on.  (Top)

Rhett Hutto

Rhett Hutto was a contact my boyfriend, Greg Mason, had made on Edisto Island, South Carolina, through his  college fraternity. Rhett, with true Southern gentlemanly pride, helped us get our bearings when we went to Edisto  Island for our winter holiday vacation.  (Top) 

Dallas Seaford

Dallas Seaford is Rhett’s girlfriend, who works with a tourist bureau in Charleston, South Carolina, and knows all  the best ghost and pirate lore of the entire state.  (Top) 

Fred and Margi Tanner

Fred Tanner works with my boyfriend, Greg Mason, in the Alexandria Police Department, and he and his wife,  Marguerite, known as Margi, also came to Edisto Island for a winter holiday break. Margi was a golfer who studied  the Baghavad Gita and expanded my understanding of human cultural celebrations around the world, while Fred  contributed some of the best holiday police stories to our winter adventure.  (Top) 

Miss Loretta

Miss Loretta was a Gullah conjure woman to whom Rhett introduced us. She recognized me as a kindred spirit  and gave me a protective gift for Greg that he really needed—a gesture that unfortunately was aborted with serious  consequences.  (Top) 

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