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Meet the stars of the novels, and the key players - one of whom may be a killer!
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Ariel Quigley - College Professor / Psychic Bernice Wise - Psychologist Mike & Michelle - Bernice's Children The Alphabetical Quigley Sisters - Ariel's Sisters Harrison, Alex, and Max - Bibi’s Children Alan Wise - Bernice's Ex-Husband Greg Mason - Police Sergeant  Detective Flanagan Ghostly Characters Who Reappear in My Books The Fat Man Dennis Walker Irene AT BERNICE’S Annie Grace IN THE KITCHEN of THE RIVIERA Daniel Lafayette - Chef Peter - Apprentice Mike - Dishwasher (and Bernice’s son) IN THE FRONT Reggie Whitson - Owner Penny Whitson - Owner John Chan - Headwaiter / Owner Roy & Jamal - Waiters Jessamine Steele – Lawyer Jordan Steele – Jessamine’s Husband The Loo-Loo Ladies Lorelei Warren, Patricia Barnes, and Maggie Leigh Dr. Ernie Redmond Orthodontist/CEO of Aquavest Dr. Cristien Frandsen – Inventor Brandon Mason – Greg Mason’s Son Althea and Jeffrey Steele – Jessamine Steel’s Mother-in-Law and Son Mac Jacobs – TV Producer Ariel's Ghost Interventions Connie Cordoba – Reporter Senator Reed Molden, his wife, Holly, and his son and daughter, Todd and Tess Larry Jason – Senator Molden’s assistant Sandy Sechrest – A member of a Wicca group Ginger Wellington – A member of a Wicca group Ahmad Kamara and Haroun Neare – Young government dignitaries from Sierra Leone Keith Johnson – a reporter/producer Dr. John Greif and Dr. Frank Edge – Dentists: living and dead Dave Williston – D.C. policeman Rhett Hutto – A friend of Greg Mason Dallas Seaford – Rhett’s girlfriend Fred and Margi Tanner –  Alexandria police officer snd his wife Miss Loretta – a Gullah conjure woman

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