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Praise for the Ariel Quigley Mysteries The Chef Who Died Sautéing Winner of the 2007 Love Is Murder Readers’ Choice Award (the Lovey) for Best First Novel  “Good police procedurals. A fun, fast read!”  Amy Bertsch, Public Information Officer, Alexandria Police Department, Alexandria, Virginia   “The mystery is intriguing—so much so that you will be hard pressed to figure out who-done-it until the  end.”  Ann Macela, author of The Oldest Kind of Magic  “This intriguing and fun-packed book will keep you laughing but also wondering ‘who done it’!”    Lois Lawrence, co-author under the name Virginia Lee of The Aunt Louise Mysteries  “Like good food, the book is just right: not over done with a realistic handling that keeps it from getting  mushed as a ‘knock off’ side dish. This is a full plate of a really good story.”  Irish Booklady, Amazon.com reviewer  “Superb! Our compliments to the chefs! Burp!”  Christine Knight, “Treesprite,” Amazon.com reviewer  “This is a must read for readers of mysteries in general and cozies in particular. Great work, ladies!”  C. Craig, “Snowbears,” Amazon.com reviewer  “At one point during reading the book, I was so enjoying the personalities of the characters that I  realized I hadn't bothered yet to think about ‘who done it’!”  Maureen Ann Milligan, Amazon.com reviewer  The Lawyer Who Died Trying “Ariel Quigley is back and brings with her another strange cast of characters. There are the Loo-Loo  girls who take their name from, you guessed it, the Loo. There’s a swindle straight off the front page of  today’s newspapers and a custody battle between Ariel’s client, Jessamine, and her ex-husband, who is,  you will discover, a bit strange. Throw in the granddaddy of all Halloween parties, food on almost every  page, and oh, almost forgot, murders, and you have a mystery that will nail you to the couch until the last  Tarot card is read. And, lest you think Finkelstein and Smily left out Ariel’s ghostly companions, they  didn’t. They are on Ariel’s shoulder—sometimes helping, sometimes irritating, sometimes …? Read The  Lawyer Who Died Trying. You’ll smile, you’ll snack, and you’ll love the woo-woo.”  Randy Rawls, author of the Ace Edwards, Dallas PI Series   “Sexy, smart Ariel Quigley is back, and she's on a romp through the occult, assisted by ghostly crime-  solving companions and facing very earthly scam artists, peppered with a mix of 17th-century history and  ancient occultism. If you have the opportunity, meet these two funny, lively writers in person!”  Jo Dereske, author of the Miss Zukas series, the Ruby Crane mysteries, and books for young people  "Addictive and lighthearted…Finkelstein and Smily manage to create a world that instructs without  preaching, entertains without boring, and demands the attention of the reader well into the wee hours of the  morning—I couldn't put it down."  Amber Kent Wardwell, Beech Grove, Indiana, Public Library  “Finkelstein and Smily have done it again! The Lawyer Who Died Trying is a delightful and satisfying  mix of murder, romance, unusual characters, exotic religion, ghosts, delicious-sounding food, and plenty of  suspense. And Ariel Quiqley is a fascinating heroine: a college instructor, a writer, and a psychic. Highly  recommended for all mystery lovers.”   Marilyn Meredith, author of Calling the Dead and Wishing Makes It So, awarded Best Thriller of 2006  by AAA. “This second case is even more challenging than the first, but the police procedurals and forensics are  handled beautifully, with meticulous attention to detail. And finally, this book is hotter than the first—but  then, Alexandria is known as the ‘fun side of the Potomac.’ Anybody who loves Alexandria will love this  book.”  Amy Bertsch, Public Information Officer, Alexandria Police Department, Alexandria, VA  "Ghosts, love, murder, and betrayal...The Lawyer Who Died Trying has it all. This finely crafted and  satisfying read will keep all fans of Ariel Quigley eagerly awaiting her next adventure."  Heather Webber, Agatha Award nominee and author of the Nina Quinn series: A Hoe Lot of Trouble,  Digging up Trouble, and Trouble in Spades   “Finkelstein and Smily have done a superb job! Don't miss this one! The second tale in the series  starring Ariel Quigley, [their] loveably cute Ghost Detective, is full of twists, surprises, red herrings, and  heart-stopping suspense.”  P. Arleen Charles, author "Of Love, Youth, and Truth, a Reflexion"